Infrared thermometer


Dimensions: 250mm x 360mm x 470mm
Material: Plastic
Weight: 300g
LOGO: Customized

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Infrared Thermometer-One-button temperature measurement, no need to wait, using non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, easy to use. Quick measurement to avoid cross-infection. The thermometer can be calibrated intelligently, and the measurement is accurate, and the imported smart chip is built-in, the measurement speed is faster, and the body temperature change can be grasped at any time. Forehead temperature, ear temperature, object temperature, three different measurement modes, suitable for various venues. The body is equipped with a one-key conversion function, which is multi-purpose, convenient and worry-free.
Infrared Thermometer-There are three color lights for reminding, easy to grasp changes in body temperature. Use Dingneng to be clear at a glance and take care of the whole family. In the event of an unexpected situation, the infrared thermometer will emit a fever buzzer to remind you. The large high-definition digital screen behind the fuselage makes the display clearer.